Sunday, February 14, 2010

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from Andrew and Anna Grace
We have now changed to Trucks and Tiaras!
So head on over there as we start this new journey with Andrew together!
Trucks and Tiaras

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are You Sure??

He hasn't always been ours??

I mean I still can't believe he is here when I wake up...

Hasn't he always been here?
"No..." (you might answer back)

Are you sure?

This is how he takes a bath...pouring water over his head and laughing like a hyena
Because by the way I am wrapped around his little finger it sure does feel like it....

I mean can you really love a little boy
so much or as much as I love him?
I didn't think it was even close to possible....

To Fall in Love with such a cute face...
His mischievous looks...

But Oh My it is possible!

Oh and for those of you who do not believe in
Love at first sight...

Or take a look at this sweet face!!!
I am convinced it
can't get any cuter!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome Home You.....

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Wow. What a journey home.
(Because I am so incredibly exhausted I will just posts collages for now)

It started out at 5 am at the White Swan. We ate breakfast and left the hotel by 7 am. We got to the Guangzhou airport 45 minutes later and got checked in and checked by security 55,555 times, said a tear-ful goodbye to Elvin and then went to our waiting area. Ah, I was sad. We arrived in Beijing and rushed through customs, more security checks, grabbed some chips, and went to another waiting area. Sat there for about 2 hours and then got security checked twice more and finally boarded our big plane ride. We got on at 5:45 pm (China Time) and soon fell asleep. We slept until about 5 am and that was good. Adam, Hayne, and I got benedryl* and it KNOCKED US OUT! We finished up the flight and (praise God) were able to land in Chicago. All was well. Then we got to our gate, went through customs and more security. We were literally Running through the Chicago airport afraid of missing our flight. Hah, we need not to worry because our flight had been delayed, just an hour though. So we were good. No big. We went and ate at Ch*li's and then went back to the gate....About 30 minutes later it was leaving at 11:30. Then a little later, 12:00, then within a few minutes 12:35 am. We quickly called UNITED* a*rlines and asked what was going on. Our plane was in PA stuck. We would have to wait. Thankfully it arrived, at 12:28 am and we were able to board at 12:35 am. Once on that plane we were SO thankful. We just sat back and prayed the 2hour flight home would go smooth. Thank God because it went wonderfully!!!!! We got home at 3:39 am and had Nana, Papa, Jimmy, Billie, Jodi, Max, Debbie, Kayla, Bobbi, Kellie, Woody, Lillie, Caleb, and Gracie there. Not all the 70 that had planned to come but God definitely had a plan because I do not think Andrew would have done well with all of those people around him just because he is not yet prepared. We really hated the delays and so wished everyone would be there but all for the best. We can't wait for you all to meet him!!! We went to iHop and got some food because it had been so long since we had eaten. It tasted really good. lol. Nana and Papa came home with us and helped us unload. God is Good. His Will Is Perfect. I am Thankful. So I guess there is only one last thing to say......
Welcome Home Andrew Hudson, Welcome Home!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Tonight I want to cry..."

CWell, It is our last night in China. Was our last day. We just got back to the hotel and got some last minute stuff. This trip has been amazing. A trip I am SO thankful I was able to come on. I guess it is time to just go home. I feel like a huge part of me has been ripped out which is silly to say, but I do.
This trip was for the purpose of adding to our family, bringing Andrew home and we have done that. We have completed this journey. It was amazing to say the least and I will be forever thankful for being able to come on it. If I could I would stay two more weeks but it would still not be enough. It would never be enough. You only get one chance at life though. The trip was a roller coaster, sometimes you felt like you were riding the Vegg*e Tells ride at DollyWo*d and other times you felt like you were on Mission Space at D*sney World. Never dull, but never completely unexpected. China is an AMAZING country despite what everyone might tell you. It is beautiful, friendly, and just a-m-a-z-i-n-g that is all I can say about it. I know this is probably a repeat of stuff but all of it is true.
Today was a good day. We got down to the Wh*te Swan breakfast at 8:30 and then went back to the room for about 30 minutes. My Mom and I ran out with some other travel group members and bought some more souvenirs. We got some things for Andrew's Gotcha Day celebrations and found an awesome Art Store by House of Love. We got BEAUTIFUL artwork that will be forever treasured as will all the memories of this trip. Jane came in and talked to Andrew some and to my Mom. We got Andrew's Visa and the final bits of paperwork!! We had a pizza party out in the hall with our entire group and reminised about the amazing trip we had had and how ready (most) were to go home. (I had to deny my readiness though) My parents ran out for a little more shopping and Elvin came in and talked to Andrew about what all was going on and some other things. I love when he talks to him!!! Elvin is so great!!! Love him! We as a family went shopping some more and got a few last-last minute things. This trip was amazing. As I have said MANY times. It was just the absolute best that I could have dreamed. I am in love with this country. LOVELOVELOVE.
Once home (36 hours, and sadly counting.) I will write about my favorite things that have happened on this trip and share it with you all. I want to remember every little detail.
Signing off SADLY for the last time in China (at least for this trip:)
and PS. Tonight I wanna Cry,
Guangzhou, China-Feb 4, 2010-10:50 PM

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Red Couch!

What. A. Day. Today was great. It started out at 8:30 with Breakfast at the White Swan Hotel Restaurant. It was delicious, as always, complete with Omlets, French Toast, Chicken Nuggets, and every thing you could possibly imagine. I love it here. We then went back to the room and got ready for the ever-so-famous Red Couch! We got the littles all dressed up in their ADORABLE outfits and we older kids got dressed to! We headed upstairs at 10:25 to get ready. It was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. The sights, smells, and just over-all package was amazing. We got a few pictures of just our family before everyone got there and they turned out wonderfully. We got a really cute Red Couch picture of the newly adopted little ones and a GREAT travel group picture!! I was sooo glad!!! Sigh of Relief. We got some cute pictures and the parents left with only 2 or maybe 3 more gray hairs. I call that success! ;) My Dad, Mom, MommyP, & MommyY were taken by Elvin to shop at the Chinese New Year market! My Mom got some really neat stuff and said it was all amazing. I really wish I would have been able to go :) We left for the Consulate at 2:20 and were there by 2:50 and starting up the 5 Flights of Escalators. While keeping our eye on Adam in his crocs we talked about last time in 2007 when we got stuck in traffic and were running late and as we went up the stairs Elvin was yelling "No worries. No Worries! We VIP. They wait for US! We VIP no worry no worry" Ah. It is so nice to be on time. ;) After making 3 stops we finally arrived on the Fifth Floor of the consulate. We got into the room and were welcomed by a sign that said "The US Consulate of Guangzhou, China joins you in celebrating with you and your family on your Adoption.....CONGRATULATIONS!" After about 30 minutes of waiting they started calling families up to the front desk with their newest child checking passports and signing the last bit of Paperwork!! Then Brooke came out and explained to us what was going on and congratulated us on our Adoption. Then came the swearing in..... "I swear to Love this child forever, to never leave them, and to never hurt them. The information I have given you is completely true to my Knowledge and Understanding." and then Brooke said "CONGRATULATIONS!! You are completely done with your adoption!" We can now say in both countries Andrew Hudson JianHui RICE!! He is OURS for FOREVER and we are NEVER letting him GO!!
We love you sweet Boy!!!
(Last day in China tomorrow :( Please be praying the weather holds off and we are able to fly home on Friday. We are ready to see our family! (I could actually stay another week but I doubt my Mom could)
Oh and sorry for the lack of consulate pictures. Cameras, Video-Cameras, and pretty much anything that isn't your body and clothes is not allowed. (The picture of the with chopsticks and some food thing in them is a pigeon. As is the one of Adam, just in case you couldn't tell. His name is Ralph. just in case you were wondering.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pearl River Cruise!

So today started out as a lazy day. Or a do-nothing day as I like to call it. We went to breakfast at 9:00 am and went to SUSAN'S and got a dress for me (: (: We then went back to the room and had to stay there from 10:30-12:00 in case there was a problem with our paper work and Elvin needed to get in touch with us. Thankfully we never got "that call" We left the room and went shopping at 12:30ish. We got a few things from "A Gift from China" that store has my heart! (: We shopped until around 2:00 and then went back to the room to put the littles down for a nap. My Mom, Kathleen, Mema, & I went to some more stores and got some things. We also got our Red Couch silk outfits!!! Yeaaah! We are going to coordinate. (: We got back to the room at 4:30 and got ready for the Pearl River Cruise. It was great. We had an OK meal. I ate rice. I guess some liked it. Andrew learned how to eat corn on the cob. It was hilarious. I attached some pictures of it. The BEST part was that we got to go up to the top of the ship look around. It was beautiful. I loved it. The sights were unbelieveable!!! The water was beautiful, the smell of the wind was so refreshing. It is like nothing you have ever experienced. I think the best part of the day was "Tour Bus Karaoke" It started off with Elvin singing "Mom's are the best in the World" and then Anna Grace singing "Jesus Loves Me" and "You are my Sunshine" next up was MollyClaire with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" I got told to sing and they kept saying "Ashton, Ashton, Ashton" and a new color of red came to my face. Yeah, I did not sing. Haha. So today was a great day. Beijing feels like an eternity ago, Saturday seems like 5 years ago. This seems so crazy. Time has flown by. I am ready for home but I am really not.

Oh and PS...
If you can ever request a guide in Guangzhou ask for Elvin!!! HE IS AMAZING!!! I wish we would have had him the ENTIRE time!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday & Monday!

Just heard from Ashton... they are doing great and loving every minute of being in China!!! As expected, she is NOT ready to come home! They will be home on Friday, though. Be in prayer because there is a little bit of sickness going around. As of now, everyone is fine, but Hayne isn't feeling the best!

Well I am doing awful at keeping you all updated!! Gosh. So here is an update of Sunday and Monday while in Guangzhou (:
On Sunday we had the White Swan breakfast which put everyone in a happy place. haha. It was great to eat food that was good and you knew what it was. We went to a beautiful park on Sunday as well. It had so many pretty sights and things to see!!! I will miss that once coming home as many other things. I would love to stay here for a month or so. It is just great. I think No school makes it better. I loved everything about the park and Andrew and Anna Grace thought it was great too. (: It had birds and flowers everywhere, I LOVED seeing the palm trees which were so pretty I will take palm trees and Heat over Snow and Cold any day. The weather was also great. I think it was 70 degrees or so. So much better than the 20 degrees in Beijing. I am getting spoiled to this only to go back to the cold in SC. ha. After the park we went to a shop that had some really cool little things but they were way too expensive. A Silk Fan that I got for 10 yuan they wanted 480 yuan. Kind of crazy. After the shop we went back to the hotel and were able to go get lunch at Lucy's!!!! Yum (: I had a cheeseburger and french fries which tasted pretty good comparing to rice and mystery meats (: But when we had it today it wasn't so hot. I am missing the food in America (:
Today was a relaxed day for the most part. Andrew had his medical exam which he had to get 4 shots in and all kinds of scary things. Elvin was great though and talked all of the kids through it. He is great and I am so glad we have him as our guide. Once the parents and kids got back we went to Lucy's along with about everyone else in our travel group. It was tons of fun. Once finished my Dad, Mema, and Papa took Adam, Hayne, Annna Grace, and Andrew back to the room for some play and naps. My Mom, Kathleen, Mrs. Karen, and I went shopping. A Gift From China was our first stop and I loved it!! So much pretty stuff!! We got Anna Grace a doll and some art work. It was a great store. We left the hotel a 3:00pm for the Pedestrian Street. We got pearls and some other neat things. It was CROWDED. We saw tons of food that well, us picky Americans would not pay to eat ;) It was tons of fun and I am glad I got to experience it!! We had a pizza party in the hall way which was a lot of fun and got some energy out. We gave Elvin a Clemson Shirt and he put it on and took a picture with Andrew. It was so sweet! China is just getting better. (:
See you all {too} soon it seems but yet not soon enough.
I attached pictures from yesterday and today. Enjoy!!!!