Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Red Couch!

What. A. Day. Today was great. It started out at 8:30 with Breakfast at the White Swan Hotel Restaurant. It was delicious, as always, complete with Omlets, French Toast, Chicken Nuggets, and every thing you could possibly imagine. I love it here. We then went back to the room and got ready for the ever-so-famous Red Couch! We got the littles all dressed up in their ADORABLE outfits and we older kids got dressed to! We headed upstairs at 10:25 to get ready. It was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. The sights, smells, and just over-all package was amazing. We got a few pictures of just our family before everyone got there and they turned out wonderfully. We got a really cute Red Couch picture of the newly adopted little ones and a GREAT travel group picture!! I was sooo glad!!! Sigh of Relief. We got some cute pictures and the parents left with only 2 or maybe 3 more gray hairs. I call that success! ;) My Dad, Mom, MommyP, & MommyY were taken by Elvin to shop at the Chinese New Year market! My Mom got some really neat stuff and said it was all amazing. I really wish I would have been able to go :) We left for the Consulate at 2:20 and were there by 2:50 and starting up the 5 Flights of Escalators. While keeping our eye on Adam in his crocs we talked about last time in 2007 when we got stuck in traffic and were running late and as we went up the stairs Elvin was yelling "No worries. No Worries! We VIP. They wait for US! We VIP no worry no worry" Ah. It is so nice to be on time. ;) After making 3 stops we finally arrived on the Fifth Floor of the consulate. We got into the room and were welcomed by a sign that said "The US Consulate of Guangzhou, China joins you in celebrating with you and your family on your Adoption.....CONGRATULATIONS!" After about 30 minutes of waiting they started calling families up to the front desk with their newest child checking passports and signing the last bit of Paperwork!! Then Brooke came out and explained to us what was going on and congratulated us on our Adoption. Then came the swearing in..... "I swear to Love this child forever, to never leave them, and to never hurt them. The information I have given you is completely true to my Knowledge and Understanding." and then Brooke said "CONGRATULATIONS!! You are completely done with your adoption!" We can now say in both countries Andrew Hudson JianHui RICE!! He is OURS for FOREVER and we are NEVER letting him GO!!
We love you sweet Boy!!!
(Last day in China tomorrow :( Please be praying the weather holds off and we are able to fly home on Friday. We are ready to see our family! (I could actually stay another week but I doubt my Mom could)
Oh and sorry for the lack of consulate pictures. Cameras, Video-Cameras, and pretty much anything that isn't your body and clothes is not allowed. (The picture of the with chopsticks and some food thing in them is a pigeon. As is the one of Adam, just in case you couldn't tell. His name is Ralph. just in case you were wondering.)


Terri said...

I love seeing the red couch pictures! All your outfits are stunning!!!! Thanks for sharing all your great photos!

Anonymous said...

So sad that we will not hsve daily updates on your family. Love all the pictures and the stories are wonderful. I feel like I'm there sharing your journey with you. You did a great job keeping us updated.Nana

Jodee Leader said...

Adorable red couch pictures! Your family is amazing!